About Us - Who We AreAbout the Alliance:

The Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance, lead by the American Lung Association in Florida,  is comprised of a comprehensive network of groups determined to improve the health of our state. The Alliance works together to raise awareness that tobacco addiction is a chronic, relapsing medical condition, not just a habit or personal choice, and to advocate for the adoption of comprehensive cessation resources for all tobacco users statewide.

About Tobacco Free Florida:

In November 2006, Floridians passed a constitutional amendment - Article X, Section 27, Florida State Constitution.  Each year, the Florida legislature is required to fund a statewide comprehensive tobacco education and use prevention program, and the program must follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2007 Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs.

Following these principles, Tobacco Free Florida reaches millions of Floridians through hard-hitting advertising, evidence-based policy, environmental and social norm changes, tobacco cessation resources, Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), grassroots initiatives, social media, and public relations efforts. TFF provides information and resources to help tobacco users quit and prevent youth and young adults from using tobacco.

About Our Partnership:

The American Lung Association in Florida has a long history of working to reduce the devastating effects of tobacco use; in fact, the Association has partnered with Tobacco Free Florida since its inception.  As the work of the Alliance progressed, it became obvious that both organizations focused on a similar goal—helping Floridians break nicotine’s deadly addiction. Tobacco Free Florida and the Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance work together to educate the public and provide assistance to those who wish to break their addiction to nicotine. We are working with officials in public and private sectors to ensure that recommendations regarding smoking cessation are heard.  And we have devoted partnerships working on this and a variety of other tobacco-related issues in counties throughout Florida.

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Value Statement:

When you join the Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance in the fight against the addictive grip of tobacco, you help save lives today and keep Florida healthy tomorrow.